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We have made some exciting changes over the last 12 months. Firstly the introduction of a Clay Mate “pay as you play” system, which allows groups and individuals to score themselves. This has been embraced by both members and guests. We are still running our Compact Sporting “Sportrap” competition, for those of you that prefer competition shooting.

Our newly serviced Skeet traps are available for practice on both Wednesdays and Saturdays.

The ground works are still ongoing, and we appreciate at times, the wet weather can make some areas of the ground, a little muddier than we would like. We do appreciate your patience and understanding in this matter and will be improving the paths and stands in the near future.

We are pleased to announce that we have now been granted planning permission, to bring our Rugby Shop, down to the ground, the benefits of which will be extremely beneficial to all concerned, with expert advice from our friendly shop staff on hand, to help with all elements of your shooting. Also the ability to try before you buy. The Gun shop’s Martin Perkin will be at the ground, Wednesday afternoons throughout the summer with a selection of guns for you to try.

Our new website and Facebook page are a good way to find out any special events we have going on, members raffles, club competitions, competition winners, and much more.

Membership renewal is due on the 1st April, details of membership prices and benefits of membership are available here.

Our aim is to make Clay Shooting an enjoyable, safe and fun sport for all. We look forward to your continued support in sharing these exciting times ahead.

“Pay as you play”

We are now operating the Claymate system on the sporting layout every Wednesday and Saturday.

A Claymate card is collected from the office and can then be used for individuals or groups of shooters. This will allow any amount of targets to be shot from any number of stands. The Claymate system counts the clays every time the buttons are pressed to release the targets.

When you have finished shooting, present the card to the office and pay for your targets. The cost per target is...

26p  members
31  guests

A target allowance is given for viewing targets and breakages/no birds. In the event of any malfunctions please inform the office and a staff will attend to the problem. Please take note of our safety policy and procedures and enjoy safe and happy shooting.